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What’s in the Bible? Volume 1

I received this dvd in exchange for my honest review. Read my full disclosure policy here.

What’s in the Bible? is a new children’s video series by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales. Volume 1 includes two 25-minute episodes: “What is the Bible?” and “Who Wrote the Bible?” Along with Mr. Vischer, the narrator, this first episode introduces the characters who return throughout the series: Buck Denver, Clive & Ian, Sunday School Lady and her Magic Flannel Graph, Chuch Wagon, Dr. Schniffenhausen the Scientist, Pastor Paul, and Michael, the little boy who watches the dvd with us as he rides in the back seat of his mother’s mini-van. These characters are all puppets and each has a different accent and personality. From a creative perspective, this is all very well-done – the voices, the music, the content. It’s all top-notch!

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What impressed me most with this video is the content. While the fast-moving action is enough to capture and keep the attention of little ones, the lessons are appropriate for older children as well as adults. This is not a dumbed-down, just-for-fun, noise in the background kind of dvd, friends. It has some really good “meat” to it and I honestly think most adults would learn something new. With this type of edu-tainment for our children, the next generation is gonna be far smarter that we are. 😉

Instead of just buying Volume 1, go ahead and invest in the whole series at Family Chrisitan. You won’t regret it! If/when your family outgrows them, consider donating them to your church or community library so that many families can benefit from them.

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