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Serving the Local Church

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Serving the local church is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As a young teenager, I remember being in a girls’ Sunday School class when the teacher asked each girl what she thought she wanted to be when she grew up. The answers were fairly typical: teacher, nurse, ballerina, movie star, etc. A couple of the girls had no idea how to answer, so our teacher told us to think of what one thing we loved to do more than anything else – something that would make us happy if we could spend our whole lives doing it – and make that our life’s work. She was a bit taken aback when I said, “My favorite thing is going to church.” She laughed and said she didn’t see how it was possible to turn that into a career, but it was very sweet.

During high school, I answered God’s call to vocational ministry without realizing exactly what He had in mind for me. I went to college and graduate school, taught in the public school system, got married, and had three children before the Lord gave me my dream job: pastor’s wife. So there! I DID turn going to church into a career. (Of course, the pay is like that of a stay-at-home mom: no money, great benefits, eternal rewards.)


There is much more to the story (we’ll get around to all the details one day), but for now, I’ll just say that I have held just about every job there is to have in a church at one time or another. Tongue in cheek, I say that the pastor’s wife is always called on to do what no one else in the church can or will do. I’ve sung in, played for, and directed choirs and musical groups of various ages & sizes. I’ve taught classes of preschoolers, youth, adults, and senior citizens. I’ve directed VBS and decorated, made snacks, done crafts, led recreation, run sound, taught music, told Bible stories, coordinated mission projects, and driven the bus. I’ve cleaned the bathrooms, printed and folded the bulletins, scrubbed the baptistry, answered the phone, made casseroles, catered dinners, and hosted visiting evangelists. Those are just the highlights. Honestly, I think I’ve done everything there is to do except deal with money. That’s not my thing anyway, but as a pastor’s wife, it has always been my policy to stay far away from church money in an effort to avoid even the appearance of evil. The most important thing I did, though, was to love my husband. I was willing to do whatever the congregation needed me to do as long as it did not interrupt my primary calling – supporting their pastor, my husband. He liked for me to sit near the front where he could see me every time he preached and, with rare exception due to illness, I was happy to do exactly that.

Now that my husband is disabled and no longer up to pastoring, my role has changed significantly. We attend a larger church than those he led and I have the BEST job in the whole church: I take care of the babies! Yes, I am the permanent Bed Babies teacher; volunteers rotate in and out to help, but I get to be there all the time with our very youngest members. When they start crawling, they have to move to the next class, so I tell them to be babies as long as they can. After all, they’ll have to get themselves around for the rest of their lives. They need to stretch out their time with me. Admittedly, we don’t cover deep theological topics or make cute Bible crafts, but we do sing songs about Jesus and talk about how much He loves us. I really, really, really love rocking babies, but I feel like my two greatest responsibilities in my current position are (1) to help young parents be able to relax so that they can worship and study with total confidence that their little ones are being well-cared for. and (2) to pray for the little bundles of joy that I am blessed to love on during their first months at church.  What a privilege!

I challenge YOU to find a perfect-for-you place of service in your church. It should be something you are capable of doing confidently and well. It should be something that fills a need in your church family. It should be something that brings glory to the Lord. Perhaps you are good at clerical work. Some churches need car-parkers and shuttle drivers. I have friends whose business skills are perfect for certain ministries. Maybe you could serve in the kitchen. If you don’t know of a need or a place where you can “fit,” talk to others and ask them to help you. You will be blessed beyond your imagination when you find the place set aside for you to bless others and glorify Our Lord.

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