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Pray for America

Pray for America by Happy 2Ba Homemaker.com

When was the last time you spent dedicated time in earnest prayer for our country and its leaders? For me, it has been too long. I remember as a young girl, there was a godly-but-quirky older lady in our congregation who was known as a prayer warrior. When she told someone she would pray for them, she took that responsibility very seriously. “I’ll pray for you, and I won’t lump you up,” she would say. That meant she wouldn’t just say, “Lord, bless all the sick people and the missionaries.” When she prayed for individuals, she called their name before the Lord’s throne and poured her heart out to the One she knew would hear and had the power to do whatever He saw fit.

Today I’d like to challenge you to not only spend time in prayer for our leaders, but to help your family learn about those leaders so they can pray for them by name instead of “lumping them up.” Surely we all know the name of our President and Vice President, but do you know who serves in the President’s Cabinet? Can you name the Supreme Court Justices? Do you know who your Senators and Congressmen are? Let’s review the basics of government and get specific in our prayers. Whether you voted for them or not, they are now in positions of service to our country and they need our prayer support.

At each level of government, there are three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial. Let’s start with our national (or federal) officials. The President, Vice President are part of the Executive branch. Senators and Congressmen are the Legislative branch. The Supreme Court is the Judicial branch. My challenge is for you and your family to find out the names of those who represent your state in the Senate and House of Representatives and the names of all of our Supreme Court Justices and spend some significant time praying for them each by name. Soon, I’ll remind you and we’ll add to our lists, but this is a good start.

Pray for America! This would be a great activity to incorporate into family dinner time. Discuss what you’ve learned about your elected officials and take turns praying for them by name, adding whatever details you think of – wisdom, health, their families, etc. It doesn’t matter if you do or do not agree with their opinions; just ask the Lord to guide them and to use them to bring about His will. He is in control!

Aren’t we blessed to serve the One and Only God who is all-powerful? I’m so glad that He knows what is best and has His hand on everything around us. Why worry when we know that He always gets His way? Thank you, Lord, that we can depend on You in all circumstances!

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