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Plus Size Fashion Advice

When you hear the words “plus size fashion,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a super model? a well-dressed business woman? Looking pretty is important to most women no matter what their circumstances – age, career choice, financial status, location, or dress size. The truth is, I look more like Santa’s wife than a super model, but I still want to be attractive. Is it possible?

I have been considered “plus size” for my entire adult life – as a college student, career professional, homemaker, stay-at-home mommy of little ones, homeschool mom, pastor’s wife, mother of teens, and more. Within the last 30 years I have varied from a size 12 to a size 32, but (sadly) those are all considered plus size in today’s culture. On the first Wednesday of each month for the remainder of this year, I would like to share with you some excellent words of wisdom that I have collected in hopes of encouraging you toward looking your best. Here are the first tidbits of Plus Size Fashion Advice.

Plus Size Fashion Advice from www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com


Don’t be ashamed of who & what you are. Attitude goes a long way! Dress for comfort and let your personality shine so you are proud of how you look. Don’t worry about size except for how it fits your body.


Just because someone made it in your size doesn’t mean it looks good on you. Be picky about what you buy so you won’t be tempted to wear it. Know your body type and what really looks good on you; dress accordingly. As big girls, we don’t have to wear tents, but we also don’t have to dress like jumbo hookers. Classy is always in style and it comes in our size if we look carefully.


Stand up straight, hold your shoulders back, and keep your chin up (literally!) How you carry yourself has a lot to do with your appearance, so spend some time in the mirror or with someone you love and trust to give you an honest assessment of the impression you make as you stand, walk, and sit. Clothes look best on you when you have good posture, so work on it for a while until it becomes second nature.


A proper-fitting, supportive bra can make you look and feel 10 pounds lighter. It can also make the difference between frumpy and sexy. Catherines, Lane Bryant, and other nicer shops will do a fitting to help you find the correct size bra to fit you.

We Want Your Plus Size Fashion Advice

Do you have advice to add? Since Plus Size Fashion Advice will become a series of posts, we’d love to hear from you! We are also looking for photos of examples of Plus Size Fashion for Real Women. Please email your original photos, advice, comments, or input to Happy2BaHomemaker@outlook.com so we can consider their use for future articles. Thanks for reading!

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