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Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

Chemistry is typically one of those subjects that folks either love or hate. My high school chemistry teacher was terrific and I really enjoyed the class, but that was several years ago. As a homeschool mom, I will admit that I wasn’t really looking forward to teaching this subject, but we survived.

My son will graduate in a little less than 3 months. Since he has already completed most of his required work, we are now reviewing his high school courses. I received a copy of The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book in exchange for an honest review. (See my full disclosure statement here.)


While designed as an introduction to chemistry for younger children, students of all ages can benefit from this versatile volume. Yes, it is a coloring book, but it also contains basic information about each element. These are not just dry facts, but practical, memorable bits of information that kids (and adults!) find interesting. My teenagers were very intrigued to learn that the element Bismuth (83) is used in the production of Pepto Bismuth as well as cosmetics and electrical fuses. The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book is filled with such interesting tidbits.

I would highly recommend this book for any age or purpose. Preschool teachers could share fun facts while their little ones color. For young students who are interested in chemistry for fun, this would be a terrific resource. Older students might use the pages to make their own fact books or use the pages for review as we’ve been doing.

The only thing that would make this book better is the use of additional resources by the author to complement its content. Teresa Bondora is a science-teaching genius and she has designed multiple products on the subject. They are all available in digital form or hard copy HERE in her store at TeacherPayTeachers.com. Check them out today!



On the Happy 2Ba Homemaker review scale, I enthusiastically award The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book the 5-spool rating.


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