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Pepperoni Rollers

Pepperoni Rollers are easy, quick, delicious, and fairly cheap to make. My panel of taste testers (my three teenagers and their friends) were thrilled with them, even the pickiest of the eaters. Our only problem was making them fast enough!

Recipe for Pepperoni Rollers by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com


crescent rolls

pepperoni (We used turkey pepperoni and loved it!)

string cheese

Ingredients for Pepperoni Rollers by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com


Separate the crescent rolls into triangles and lay them out individually.

Arrange slices of pepperoni toward bottom (widest part) of each triangle.

Cut string cheese in half and lay a piece on top of the pepperoni.

Beginning with the larger end, roll up the crescent roll.

Bake according to crescent roll package directions.

Recipe for Pepperoni Rollers by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com

Truly, these are SO good. The cheese melts* and gets all yummy-gooey and the whole thing just melts in your mouth. There is no sauce to make a mess and they are the perfect size for finger food – just a few bites and it’s gone. *Note: we tried these with really cheap string cheese and it did NOT melt; it got a little softer, but it stayed chewy and tasted very different.

Collage of Pepperoni Rollers by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com

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