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Have You Missed Me?

Dear Readers,

I try very hard not to write posts like this – where I try to explain and make excuses for my absence. Since I just dropped off of the blog and all social media for over a week, though, it seems appropriate.

On June 13, the van in which I was a passenger hit a sign post. The impact was right on the handle of my door, so the door flew open and I fell out. The biggest blessing here is that no other vehicle was involved because my daughter was attentive and careful enough to swerve so the car attempting to speed passed us on the left wouldn’t crash into us. We were also not going very fast, so that protected me from further injury. The photo below shows every bit of the damage done to our vehicle; the front passenger door has to be replaced. That is huge, but it could have been SO much worse and for that I am ever thankful.

wrecked van door 06 13 2015 www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com

At the hospital, multiple x-rays were taken showing that no bones were broken. A precious nursing assistant named Gayle cleaned my wounds (not fun!) and I was released to recover at home from Cervical Strain, Road Rash, and something else. (I know there were 3 diagnoses listed, but I can’t remember what the final one was. I’m much better, but still so sore that a trip up the stairs requires a true emergency; this does not qualify.)

While I am still far from 100%, I am much, much better than I was. The first few days are still quite a blur in my memory and the remainder of last week is just a series of trying to do something productive, hurting as I realized it was too soon, taking medicine, napping, and starting the whole process again. The worst spots of road rash – on my right calf and top of my right foot – are now big, black scabs. They are gross, but they aren’t nearly as bad as their pre-scab states. Trust me! I have pictures to prove it. My left knee is still quite sore, but the swelling has gone down a lot over the last 10 days. Currently, the worst pain is in my back just above my right shoulder blade and in my chest as if something was driven through me to/from that spot in my back. My husband suspects a bruised rib; I have no idea why it hurts so badly, but it does. It hurts pretty much constantly, but when I sneeze, it is excruciating. Yowza!

Explanation over. Apologies offered. I love this blogging thing, but life does get in the way sometimes. I hope you’ll stick with me and invite some friends to check out Happy 2Ba Homemaker soon. Thanks for reading!

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