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Fibromyalgia Awareness

May 12 is officially Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.
Many people don’t know or understand what Fibromyalgia is and I am not a medical expert, so I’m not going to attempt to explain it scientifically. I would like to share with you that Fibromyalgia is an “invisible” illness. That means, very simply, that those who are stricken with it may not appear to have anything wrong with them. There are no outward signs of their suffering, but I can guarantee you that many deserve Academy Awards for their performances to live through the pain.

There are many symptoms of Fibromyalgia and everyone who is diagnosed does not necessarily have all of them or the same ones. Among the most common symptoms are:

– widespread pain (particularly at certain “trigger points”),

– fatigue (not just being tired from over-exertion),

– sensitivity to pain and environmental factors (noise, light, smells, etc.),

– sleep difficulties (unable to get to or stay asleep),

– muscle and join stiffness (feels like chronic flu),

– muscle spasms (not as a result of any specific action or inaction),

– exhaustion (chronic fatigue with no apparent cause),

– difficulty concentrating / mental “fogginess”,

– chronic headaches (often due to environmental factors),

– bowel disturbances (constipation and diarrhea),

– clinical depression (not sadness due to specific circumstances).

One aspect of Fibromyalgia that is particularly difficult is its cycles. For a time, a patient may feel better and be thrilled that their symptoms are gone, only to have those symptoms return suddenly. Sometimes a “fibro flair” may last a few hours or a day, while others may last for days or weeks. Making and keeping plans is often difficult. Keep in mind that no one chose to have Fibromyalgia and none of us can just will it to go away. Understanding and acceptance are important.

While there are now some treatments for Fibromyalgia, each person is different and requires careful attention by an experienced physician to help them survive and thrive. Unfortunately, there is no cure. Also, women are not the only ones who suffer; 25% of Fibromyalgia patients are men.

The unpredictability of life with Fibromyalgia is quite frustrating. As you can imagine, the temptation is to take advantage of good days and do too much, but the result is often a severe regression. Life often feels like a “can’t win for losing” situation.

Today is all about AWARENESS. Someone you love is probably suffering with Fibromyalgia and you have no idea. Please be patient with them when they aren’t up to their usual activities. Read and learn about this terrible syndrome and find a sensitive way to discuss it privately. They will appreciate it!


Do you know someone with Fibromyalgia? We’d love for you to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences.

5 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia Awareness

  1. Heidi Jasper says:

    Thank-you for helping to raise awareness, my fellow-sufferer and sister-in-Christ, and for teaching others about it. Grace, compassion, and mercy is what we need when we can’t fulfill an obligation when a flare-up hits us expectantly.

    1. jtncmyoung says:

      Thank you! I appreciate your sweet words of support. Have a great day!

  2. Sarah says:

    So glad you posted this. I know someone who is living with it and they struggle daily. I offer prayer and support to all who are suffering from this illness!
    Sarah recently posted…May is Hepatitis Awareness MonthMy Profile

  3. Thank you for supporting fibromyalgia awareness! As a fibro fighter and daughter of a fibro fighter, it means a lot to us for others to support the awareness! Today I am asking for all to snap a photo of themselves and/or someone wiht fibromyalgia and share it as #FibroFace on social media. Spread the awareness!

    Thank you again!
    Brandi Clevinger recently posted…Show Your Fibro Face For Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!My Profile

  4. Ashley says:

    Thank you for sharing this. My sister and mother-in-law both suffer from fibromyalgia. <3
    Ashley recently posted…Lessons From Our Littles: Joy EditionMy Profile

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