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Easy Spring Fitness

Please welcome Maria of Confessions of a First Timer with a guest post about fitness and exercise. At the bottom of the post, you can learn more about her and follow the links to her social media channels. Thanks, Maria!

With Spring’s arrival also comes a second round of assaults about body image and health. You know the ones – reminders that you you’ve failed at your New Year’s Resolution and now summer is around the corner! Everyone is going to know you don’t have a bikini body! You have 8 weeks to do something – quick!
I can’t stand these commercials.
I couldn’t care less about a bikini body.
But I do care about a healthy body. Chasing my 3 very active kiddos, being strong and active are important to me. Being a “present mom” as a homemaker (not a sick one, or tired one, or a lazy one!) is directly related to the level of fitness that my body has reached.

This is why spring is absolutely my favorite season to kick our household’s fitness into high gear. I say this living in Alaska, where we are under snow from October through May. Once it thaws, it’s glorious! This year, it thawed in March, so we’ve had an extra-long spring this year!

I love Spring for fitness because good weather means we can get active and healthy for free or dirt cheap – quite literally! I could completely understand, as a homeschooling mother, how some of us just can’t commit the finances and time to a gym. But spring comes, the pavement reappears, and the gloves are off!

You can do gardening! Gardening is a serious calorie burn. It’s also very relaxing. Even though I’m unsuccessful for the most part, I try it every spring. The whole family gets involved in yard work (Yes! Mow that lawn!), and we are getting Vitamin D from the sunlight and moving around. And, if you’re any good at it, you can also get herbs and fresh vegetables to eat from this – major plus! Seasoning your meals with fresh herbs over salt and msg is a major health bonus ANY DAY.

You can go hiking! If the trails in your area are clear, spring is the best time to go hiking. Hopefully it is not so hot as to lead to rapid dehydration, and all the wild flowers in the area are in full bloom. It smells heavenly! Spring is my favorite time of the year to take a biology homeschooling day and just spend some time outdoors. Hiking is a successful calorie burn because if you enjoy the scenery, you can keep going further than you thought you would. Just check with parks and recreation; you may have to pay a small parking fee, but they’ll guide you as to the level of expertise required for each trail. You can find a trail for every level of fitness, and some of them are even paved!

You can go swimming! There’s bound to be a lake, ocean, or outdoor pool somewhere… find it! Forget the bikini body hype. Walking in water or treading water is a major work out! The resistance of the water to your body makes it a very intense cardio workout, all the while being low impact and easy on joints. (Please wear a flotation jacket if you don’t know how to swim!) Otherwise… Make it a date! Kids love splashing around, and as far as a work out – it definitely counts!

You can run/walk! Not on a treadmill, not for a gym membership, just grab the right kind of shoes, make sure you have the right gear, and do a mile or two! Grab a friend! Grab your kids! It’s practically free. Great cardio benefits. Open to any level of fitness! If you have really active kids (like mine,) put them on a bike and jog behind them.

These are the activities I look forward to when Spring comes. I spend all winter wishing I could do these things… and then the season changes and you can’t bring me inside! These activities are so simple to do solo or with kids, for a short period of time or make a day out of it… whatever you can handle. It counts! You don’t have to cash out on a gym membership if that’s out of your budget. Take advantage of the God-given good weather!


Maria is 30 years old, happily married homeschooling mom of three kids, and owner of a cute little Corgi dog. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013, but by 2014 the Lord has healed her through half supernatural intervention and half clean-eating/exercise. Since she was diagnosed, she lost 30 lbs. (and counting!), has run 240 miles (and counting!), and has been cleared by her doctor to be medication free. She shares about her faith, homeschooling, family, and fitness at her blog, Confessions of a First Timer. Follow the links below to connect with her.

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