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Easter: Who Is Jesus?

Someone asked me the other day how the world’s version of Easter (chocolate bunnies, candy chicks, colored eggs) had anything to do with the real, spiritual Easter. It seems that we stray farther and farther from the true significance of every sacred holiday, but this one is pretty easy to explain, I think.


You see, chicks, rabbits, and eggs all symbolize new life. That’s what Spring brings, and that’s when we celebrate Easter, but for Christians, that isn’t all there is to it. Just like we see nature around us waking up and regaining its color after a season of dormancy, our Savior chose to die in our place, but that isn’t the end of the story. You see, Jesus came to life after being crucified and that is the BEST illustration of Spring ever. But wait, there’s more!

If you will, stroll with me down Memory Lane to 1974. I was in the 1st Grade at a small, Christian school and, although I stayed home with my Daddy instead of attending Kindergarten, I was one of the top readers in my class. Those of us who were reading confidently were each assigned a Reading Buddy from one of the junior high classes and our Buddy would spend a few minutes listening to us read aloud, help us when we needed it, and ask us comprehension questions to be sure we really understood. My Buddy was Robyn and she was a sweet, beautiful girl in my brother’s 8th Grade class.

One day, Robyn and I sat in the hall just outside my classroom and I read to her as I always did. We finished what we needed to do to satisfy our teachers, but we still had a few minutes before we had to go back to our classes, so she asked if I would mind listening to her as she recited an assignment from her class. I was happy to do so and she proceeded to quote a series of verses from Romans, the sixth book of the New Testament. She used those verses to explain how a person gets saved, or comes to personal faith in Jesus Christ. She talked about sin and its consequence of eternal death. She explained how only a perfect sacrifice could bridge the gap between evil people and a perfect God, but God provided that sacrifice by sending His perfect Son. Jesus lived here on earth, but died without sin so that He could be my Savior!

As I listened to these words that were not new to me, I heard them differently than I ever had before and I realized the Lord was speaking to me through my older friend. I began to weep and she asked if I was okay. My answer was simple, “I’m a sinner, but I want be like Jesus. I want to please God while I live and go to heaven when I die.”

Please understand this: I was a typical, sheltered 6-year-old girl. I lived with my parents and my brothers in a Christian home. I was not a criminal or an addict. I was, in the world’s eyes, an innocent child. But I knew that in my heart, I was just as much an evil sinner as a serial killer or a child molester because all I was interested in was pleasing myself. That day, right there in the hall, Robyn helped me admit (confess) my sinfulness, turn from it (repent), and begin a new life with Jesus as my Savior (rescuer) and Lord (boss of my life.) I was changed! Before that, I had been a fuzzy caterpillar, but Jesus brought me new life and transformed me into a beautiful butterfly!

Does that mean I never sinned again? NO! I sin every day, though as I grow more like Christ, I try to sin less. I spend time with the Lord and His Word in an effort to become more like Him every day, but it doesn’t mean that life is easy. I still get angry and make foolish decisions. I still choose to please myself instead of my Lord far too often, but He forgave me that day and He continues to forgive me every time I ask Him to.

Once Jesus transformed me and brought me new life in Him, Easter has never been the same for me. My prayer is that you know the joy of His Resurrection, too. If you don’t, it would be my honor and pleasure to speak with you about it. You can live forever with God (and me!) in Heaven, but you can also live abundantly for Him right where you are today!

Some friends of mine wrote about this same topic today and I would love for you to read their posts as well. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Easter: Who Is Jesus?

  1. Tracee,

    I love the fact that you reiterate that just because you are saved and know Jesus as your personal savior, does not mean you do not sin or that life is perfect. It means we have a perfect forgiving savoir to guide and help us while we try to sin less or to navigate ourselves through the difficult times in life.

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Erica from Healthy Christian Mom recently posted…Easter: Who is Jesus? A Fun Way to Use Resurrection EggsMy Profile

  2. Wendy says:

    What a great story to remind us of the true purpose of the Easter season, thanks for sharing!
    Wendy recently posted…Making It Through The StormMy Profile

  3. Maria Hass says:

    That is such a sweet salvation testimony! And God is so good.
    Maria Hass recently posted…Get Your Groove OnMy Profile

  4. Thank you for sharing this story. I remember the exact moment when I realized in my heart that Jesus died on the cross so that we may be saved. I wept uncontrollably. I was much older. And, you are so right. I sin every day, but I don’t give up. I try my hardest to love like Jesus. And to be a witness to those who don’t yet know his love.
    Michelle Westbrook | Happy Wife, Happy Life recently posted…Happy Life With An Amazing Man – One Defining Moment {Link Up}My Profile

  5. ive been trying to think of a way to tie in the Easter bunny with the true meaning of Easter in a way my 2.5 year old can understand. Love your compassion of new life and I’m going to borrow it, thanks!
    Kristy Omelianuk recently posted…My Tongue and Lip Tied Baby Bird TessMy Profile

  6. Amanda Evans says:

    I love that you offer to talk to anyone that may be struggling with this, and I hope more and more are reaching out to you! Thank you for sharing your story, His love, and for linking up at #MeetUpMonday with thequinntessentialmommy.com and me (although I missed hosting this week)!
    Amanda Evans recently posted…MeetUp Monday Week 11My Profile

  7. Tracee, I love this story! My twins are 1st graders and they still have reading buddies and how lucky they would be to have one talk to them about Jesus as yours did. It’s a wonderful salvation story!
    Jenny @ Women With Intention recently posted…Spreading Kindness To StrangersMy Profile

  8. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is a great reminder for all of us.
    Karen recently posted…Melted Crayon Easter EggsMy Profile

  9. Joy says:

    What a beautiful story! My Mother always has told me that I prayed to ask Jesus in my heart when I was three, but I have no memory of it, however that doesn’t concern me as I do remember praying along in church many times as a child because my heart wanted so much to be sure! I loved Him so! It’s such a beautiful thing when a Childs heart fully grasps the truth!
    Joy recently posted…Beauty For AshesMy Profile

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