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Cheap Easy Recipe: Lemon Mint Tea

Today’s cheap easy recipe is truly delicious. If you have young ones learning to cook, this would be a great beverage for them to make you as a treat. It’s sure to please on a hot summer day, but even when it’s chilly, I wouldn’t turn it down. Enjoy!

Lemon Mint Tea by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com



Peppermint tea bags

Sugar, to taste


Ice, if preferred

I used pre-mixed lemonade for convenience, but you could certainly use homemade, frozen, or powder. Also, if you need to stay away from sugar, there are plenty of diabetic-friendly options available that use artificial sweeteners. My husband prefers hot tea in nearly any weather, but I drank this over ice. Personal preference rules here. Either way, it’s a winner!

Lemon Mint Tea ingredients by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com


Seriously, instructions are hardly needed here, but just to be safe, I’ll include the basics.

Bring water to a boil and add one tea bag per 2 cups of water. Allow to steep for 2-5 minutes.

Add sugar to hot tea and stir until completely dissolved.

Combine tea and lemonade at 1:1 ratio. (Interpretation: pour the pitcher or glass half full of lemonade; then fill the other half with the sweetened peppermint tea.)

I never truly got┬áthe term “refreshing” until I tried this beverage. I am crazy for it and it is the perfect complement to a ladies’ luncheon or a backyard barbecue.

Lemon Mint Tea by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com

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