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Cheap Easy Recipe: Lemon Mint Tea

Lemon Mint Tea by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com
Today’s cheap easy recipe is truly delicious. If you have young ones learning to cook, this would be a great beverage for them to make you as a treat. It’s sure to please on a hot summer day, but even when it’s chilly, I wouldn’t turn it down....
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Pepperoni Rollers

Collage of Pepperoni Rollers by www.Happy2BaHomemaker.com
Pepperoni Rollers are easy, quick, delicious, and fairly cheap to make. My panel of taste testers (my three teenagers and their friends) were thrilled with them, even the pickiest of the eaters. Our only problem was making them fast enough! Ingredients: crescent rolls pepperoni (We used turkey pepperoni...
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