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Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants

In a world where we are constantly judged by varying criteria, Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants is a breath of fresh air. I am the mother of two 16-year old daughters who are godly, brilliant, beautiful, capable, hardworking, kind, talented, and polite. (Yes, they really are THAT wonderful!) It breaks my heart to see their confidence shaken in situations where they suffer from criticism because they are not what someone thinks they ought to be right at that moment. Sometimes their peers are the judges; girls can be caddy and vicious. Other times, judgment comes from guys around their age; teenage boys pressure each other to look and sound tougher than they are and the girls they want to impress are all too often caught in the cross-fire. Sadly, adults are guilty, too, as our expectations are not always correct or innocent; we all have prejudices based on our experiences.


The author of Magnetic reminds us that the only opinion that really matters comes from our Heavenly Father. He is always dependable and never changing and He is the only One like that. Magnetic encourages young ladies to cultivate within themselves a true beauty that goes far beyond size, shape, and color. Practical questions guide the reader to think about things from a different perspective and focus on what really matters, not what fits the moment.

As a mom of teenagers, I love that Magnetic echoes what I say all the time. Instead of being bothered that girls might hear it differently when it comes to a voice they don’t hear everyday, I choose to see it as a blessing. Whatever the source, these are wise words and our young ladies need to hear them loud and clear.

I loved this book and can’t wait to pass it on so that others can benefit from its timeless advice. On the Happy 2Ba Homemaker review scale, Magnetic definitely gets the 5-spool award.


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